Heated Towl Rails

heated Towl Racks - Ross Salvage

Heated towl rails just in, perfect for cold winter mornings.


Rhodesian Teak Rhino for Sale!


Beautifully hand crafted 1 metre long (horn to tail) Rhodesian Teak rhino on sale now! This is a one of a kind hand crafted piece of art is now avaialle at a reduced price.




We’re Buying Salvaged Goods!

We will buy in all house building materials, goods and fittings. If you are renovating or demolishing and you have goods to dispose of, we will inspect and make you an offer, dependent upon condition. Remember, the more care you take, the more we can pay you!


The Kloof Collection

Ross Salvage has recently been privileged to acquire two collections of high quality goods, doors, windows and artefacts. The Kloof Collection was salvaged from an upmarket home in Bantry Bay and comprises exotic Far Eastern and African doors, panels and artefacts for the discerning collector. The prices range from R150 for the simplest of African artefacts up to R52 500 for the most amazingdoor that Ross Salvage has ever had in its possession. All are welcome to view this outstanding collection in a specially created Exhibition Hall at our Lansdowne premises even if only to see goods which might never be available again.



The Wood Strippers Collection

Wood Strippers, a company created by Mr Wytze Voerman with an outstanding reputation for quality teak and Oregon Pine doors and windows, has ceased trading from his premises in Ottery and we are very pleased to have been entrusted with his remaining stock. There are a huge variety of windows and doors to suit most requirements, some have been restored from the original and some freshly manufactured from reclaimed and restored timber. All Wood Strippers stock is offered at 2018 prices and will remain so whilst on show in our specially created Exhibition Hall at our Lansdowne premises to which all are invited.